our staff

Art Hill, Senior Pastor

Pastor Art Hill was first called to serve as Trinity’s associate pastor in 1998.  Then, in 2007, he was called into the senior pastor role.  He is a servant-hearted leader who loves making Jesus-followers.   As a native Texan, he also enjoys the outdoors and is married to Kim, a professional fine artist.  


Karl Winkler, Director of Christian Education (DCE)

Favorite hero?
My father. He is a great man of faith that continues to shape me.

Favorite place?
My home

What is your favorite word? Why?
Yahtzee…I always say it when something good happens.

Who would you most like to meet?
Charles Darwin, C.S. Lewis, Billy Graham

When are you most aware of God's presence in your life?
When I am singing worship songs, hanging out with family, or hiking outdoors.


Aimee Schutz, Early Childhood Ministry (ECM) Director

About your family?
My wonderful husband Michael, my two sweet girls Micah and Taryn, our blind little beagle Buckley, our seven-toed, Mickey mouse imprinted cat Samson, and our stinky ferret Bruno.

Dream vacation?
Germany – I want to walk where Luther walked.

Favorite outdoor activity?
Going for walks with my family.

Personal purpose statement?
I want everyone to see Jesus in me every day.

What energizes you?
Playing with two-year-olds.


Laura Kuegele, Director of Children and Family Ministries


Laura joined the staff at Trinity in September of 2017. Laura has served as a Director of Christian Education for 15 years from children's ministry to youth/young adult. She has a passion for helping parents connect and lead their child in faith. She helps parents leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their child's life. 

Cindy Saddler, Office Manager

Dream vacation?
Greece or Italy

Favorite outdoor activity?
White water rafting

Happiness is...
a day off and my family to spend it with.

What humbles you the most?
Realizing how much more I have than what I deserve

Who would you most like to meet?
Chuck Norris