our lifestyle

Beliefs are not worth much unless they are translated into actions. Based on what Jesus and the Bible teaches, we believe very strongly in the following: 

Everyone Matters

Realizing that the Kingdom of God comes to one person at a time, we strive to help every person know they are loved by God and their sins were paid for by His Son on the cross. 

We Are Biblically Grounded

Our confidence for life and ministry comes from the certainty that the Bible is God’s Word. Jesus is at the heart of the Bible, and God’s Word leads us to know of His salvation and power for our lives. 

Worship is Transformational

Being in the presence of the Lord in worship changes our heart, mind and lives. His grace and glory come alive in us so that we live differently than before. 

We Have Healthy Homes

As Christ followers we are shaped and developed in homes which are supported by a strong church;  homes in which faith talk is normal, positive and life-changing. 

We Are Mission Driven

Bottom line, we exist to reach out to share Jesus’ good news with those who are living far from God. Our purpose is to always be doing what results in more people in heaven. 

We Are Inspired To Live By Grace

Remembering God’s grace and forgiveness toward us inspires us to reflect Jesus Christ in all of our dealings with others.