hawkins - holly lake ranch history

Seven couples from the Holly Lake area were commuting 60 miles round trip each Sunday to attend worship services at Trinity Lutheran Church in Tyler. They had a dream of starting a Lutheran ministry in the Hawkins - Holly Lake Ranch area. 

The pastoral staff of Trinity in Tyler agreed to lead the group in a worship service, providing Holy Communion once a month, with a Bible study on the other Sundays. 

Soon we were having services twice a month, led by our pastors from Trinity, Tyler. 

On the alternate Sundays, we used video-formatted sermons. The message portion of the morning service at Tyler was recorded and then viewed that same evening at our Hawkins-Holly Lake Ranch site. 

In September 2010, Kyle Kirk became our Specific Ministry Pastor. He serves part-time while completing his Seminary requirements through Concordia Seminary. 

There is so much joy in being part of this family of faith. Come and be part of a ministry where faith and life connect!