middle school events

Wild Truth

Our Sunday School is called The Wild Truth and is offered for students in 7th – 8th grade. The Wild Truth is a year-long Bible study curriculum that goes through the book of Acts. This small group curriculum is relational, parent-involved, and encourages students in faith dialogue with each other and at home.



Mission Trips

Each year we take a week long mission trip. These trips are designed to help people in need, share the love of Christ with them, and provide a time of spiritual growth for everyone involved. In July 2017, we will be serving in Dallas, Texas. Click here for event information.



Camp Timberline

Each year we take a three day retreat where we ride horses, play late night games, capture the flag, and learn how God is working in and through our lives.



Friday Night Lives

Each month we have a fellowship activity. This activity could be going out to Tyler State Park, Hurricane Harbor, Christmas Party, Bonfire Night, Movie Night, or even a Lock-In at church. Each month is exciting and different. We encourage youth to bring friends and let these activities be an outreach to fellow students who do not know the love of Christ.