bible studies

Sunday Education Hour

9:45-10:45 every Sunday morning


Pastors' Class - Led by the pastors in the Sanctuary, this class digs more deeply into the weekly worship theme.  Participant dig more deeply into the messsage and the readings with specific emphasis on connecting the truths of God's Word for daily living.


Women's Bible Study - This ladies class follows study series of a book of the Bible or a topic in Christian life.


Confernce Room Study - This medium-sized class for men and women alike studies topical series ranging from the history and geography of Israel to issues of parenting and marriage.


New to Trinity - Three times yearly, the pastors lead an eight-week class for those new to Trinity.  Covering the basics of Christian faith and the unique emphases of our congregation, the class is designed for pastors to get to know worshippers on a first-name bases and for those some people to get to know the pastors as well.




Midweek Studies

LIFE groups are Trinity's small group ministry.  Meeting at homes in and around Smith County, participants meet for study, support ...and usually food.


LifeLight Class - This Monday morning study studies a book of the Bible from beginning to end.  In this more in-depth study, participant work outside the meeting and come together to discover a books unique themes and emphases.


Thursday Morning Men's Study - Meeting over breakfast before the work day, in this study men examine a topic, character, or Book of the Bible as part of a man's life of faith.