letters from the heart

Letter from Pastor...

Dear Trinity Friends, 

God has chosen you, along with your brothers and sisters at Trinity Lutheran Church, to do something amazing . . . to impact families like yours now and invest in lives for generations. What a humbling thought! What an incredible opportunity! 

For the past several years, our long-range planning committee has looked at Trinity’s growth, and how spreading God’s word in our community may be further facilitated through changes in our Tyler campus. Our facilities are in need of restoration and renewal. So at a recent congregational meeting, we decided together to embark upon a capital campaign to raise funds for updates that will enable relationship connections to grow and reveal God’s love.

Our journey of faith and promise has begun!

Through the campaign—called For Generations to Come—we will undertake a physical transformation of our campus to nurture divine relationships through family worship, discipleship opportunities, intergenerational  and community  events.

Please prayerfully consider how you can be a part of all that God is doing through this important effort. As you invest your prayers and gifts For Generations to Come, I know God will bless and guide you in His perfect plan for your life and your family.

Pastor Art Hill


Quote from the Campaign Director...

“I’m so grateful to be a part of God’s plan for my brothers and sisters at Trinity, and in our community. My prayer is that funds and buildings are not the only things we raise For Generations to Come. I believe that as we take this leap of faith together, we also raise up believers to use their gifts and talents for God and families to know God’s love and stand united in their faith for many generations to come.”

Dan Gerber, Campaign Director