Faith 4 is as simple as 5 minute conversations in homes every day.  Yeah, 5 minutes... but you may often want to go more.  The Faith 4 follows a template for ministry that is explicitly clear in the Bible as people speak and share faith in their homes.  It's how God (1) makes individual's faith strong, (2) builds solid connections between people, and (3) fosters success in passing on faith to those around us and closest to us.


Every week, Trinity worshippers leave services with a Faith4 bookmark.  Each bookmark has thought-starters, discussion questions, and simple readings to help you talk faith with those you care about most.  You’ll feel good about your relationships.  God will bless this ministry according to His promises.



…your highs & lows.


With a simple act of sharing your day, God produces great effects. You find comfort in your lows and added celebration in your highs. Lives are shared and brought closer together.



…about God’s Word.


You read a passage of scripture, a devotional, or a faith-talk question and share your thoughts. When God speaks to us and we speak to each other all relationships are blessed.



…your requests and thanks.


It might be as simple as praying your “highs & lows.” Or you might share other concerns. Either way, lives are joined together in talking to the God who gives and cares for life.



…those you care about most.


Touch those you want to bless and say a family blessing… or something as simple as “God bless you.” Either way, blessing is then exactly what God does.


Want to go deeper in your ability to see and share God's working throughout your life?  Check out our "My Faith Story" page with specific reflection excercises and activities.