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Investing in God’s work for our families and our community now and For Generations to Come!

Trinity Lutheran congregation is growing . . . praise God! God has richly blessed our vision for mission through engagement in ministries and programs, expanded community outreach, and deeper relationships and discipleship within our congregation. 

It’s true that our facilities are in need of renewal and transformation to provide additional space for our ministry’s needs. After several years of study by the long-range planning team, the recommendation to expand our physical campus to provide the areas required for growth has been approved by Trinity’s members. Through God’s grace and your commitment, we have a For Generations to Come vision for these critical physical improvements that will yield spiritual impact. We will: 

  • Expand commons areas, office space, and create more meeting rooms that can be used for Sunday morning and Wednesday evening gatherings, small groups like Bible classes, confirmation, ministry teams, discipleship huddles and hosting community meetings. 
  • Revamp our largest worship space, the gym, to meet the needs of worshippers. This will include a major facelift, much-needed audio/visual improvements for weekly services, and other updates that will also allow the space to continue its function as a multi-purpose space for large gatherings. 
  • Renovate the exterior of our campus with a covered drop-off portico and an open, inviting welcome area to benefit families and unite people as they build relationships. The commons area will provide a beautiful place for ECM parents to mingle, folks attending receptions and events to gather, as well as those from the sanctuary and Ignite worship services to relax and visit. Exterior renovation will also include details that will unify existing and new buildings to provide an updated look for the entire campus.
  • Enhance the Early Childhood Ministry space to offer the extra security, adequate amenities, and facilities that parents expect and regulations require for their children.


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Your involvement in this journey will impact those served by Trinity and in our community For Generations to Come!