you were never their age

Pastor Dahn and I were talking the other day about a line that is used often when talking about youth, but is not always completely true. 


“I remember when I was their age….”


The truth is that the world we grew up in is completely different than the world teens are growing up in today. I am only removed from my teen years by a decade, and even still the differences in the world are enormous.


I am currently reading a book authored by Jeff Pratt and Scott Stevens titled, “Are You Developing Students.” The first chapter laid out instances of the different challenges teens are facing that are different from their parents. Here is one example from the book.


“During the mid-1800s the average age of puberty for girls was between 15.6 and 16.5 years of age. Today that age is 12.5 years; with some girls beginning puberty at even younger ages….coupled with the earlier onset of puberty is the fact that young people are waiting longer to get married.”


The book goes on to list a stat that the average age for a man getting married has changed from the late teens years to 27 years old. The combination of just these two factors has increase the pressure for teens to have sex. Then you couple those two things with the freedoms that youth have through way of social media and the internet, and you only imagine the temptations they face each day. Their bodies are maturing faster and they are having longer to wait before they can explore their sexual desires in a healthy way.


Please do not think that I am making excuses for immoral and sinful behavior, but as we raise our teens we have to keep in mind that the world and pressures we faced are not the same as they face.

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