New school year, New start

This past week at Wednesday night youth, we took some time to process the summer and what it means for the upcoming school year. Our middle school students went on a mission trip to Alabama and our high school students attended a five day Conference. The major theme with both trips was identity. We often get caught up in our gifts and talents and we let those things define us. It could be band, soccer, debate or drama, and all these things can be part of who we are, but not the core of our identity. Our identity has to be rooted in Christ.

If you have been paying any attention to the Olympics and social media, you might have seen the two American divers that won gold. The two men were interviewed after their winning dive and they gave a beautiful testimony on why it is important to have your identity in Christ, and not earthly things that will eventually pass away like being an Olympian. They live their life with an eternal perspective because of their faith. It allows them to love their neighbor and help others know the love of Christ, their ultimate goal.

Our students were able to use this testimony and look back at their summer trips to learn what it means to have their identity rooted in Christ. We ended our lesson looking at the upcoming school year. The beginning of school is a great opportunity to start fresh. So I will ask you the same things I asked our students. How can we be rooted in Christ? What habits help us to live our life for Christ? How is God messing with you? How will people know the love of Christ through you? I rejoice in how the Lord is working in the hearts of our students and encouraging us all to live for Christ.