sexting....part 2

 This is my second posting on sexting. If you have not read my first post, please take the time to read it so we have an idea of exactly what I mean by sexting.

I was recently taken back after a conversation I had with a high school student from one of my previous churches. I wanted to see their perspective on sexting and compare it to many of the articles I have been reading over the past several months. Please keep in mind that this is just one perspective and the story will not be the same for every student. They informed me that they knew very few peers who had not given it a try. “The truth is that it has become part of getting to know someone” they said. They went on to share with me that they themselves had taken inappropriate pictures of themselves and video.

Many teens just do not realize the danger they are causing themselves. The danger of unhealthy relationships, spiritual brokenness, and a jaded view of healthy sexuality are just a few that these teens face. There are also the consequences of images and media. Anything written, pictured, or caught on video does not just go away when you delete it from your phone. Sexting has become so much more than words. The student who I spoke with agreed that sexting would lose much of it temptation by taking away pictures and videos.

Parents, my recommendation to you would be to not keep quiet on this issue. Bring it up with your teen and get their perspective. Let them know what is healthy behavior and share with them the dangers of sexting. In addition, I would recommend taking the ability to send and receive videos and images off teen’s phones. They might argue a little with the decision, but it could keep them and you from a lot of pain.

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