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The summer is a special time for student ministry. Kids are out of school which means my job becomes even busier, but also more rewarding because of the relationships and connections that are made over a summer. Students are less busy, less distracted because of school activities and more willing to reconnect with Christ.


I am really excited about our upcoming summer trips. Trinity’s high school students will be attending a four day conference in Houston where we will be worshiping, hearing amazing speakers, and serving the  community of Houston. Trinity’s middle school students will be going on a mission trip to Birmingham, Alabama where they will be working with the inner city community. These trips will provide numerous opportunities to grow as a Christian community and to grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. I am always amazed by how God works through the summer youth trips, and how the Lord opens the hearts of the community and our youth.


However, I need your help. I am looking for congregational members to spiritually invest in a youth by being a prayer partner. This will be the third summer that we have had this in place and each year it has been very rewarding for both the prayer partner and the student. A prayer partners has three responsibilities. First and foremost, pray for your student before, during and after the trip. Prayer is powerful and our main communication tool with the Lord. Secondly, each prayer partner puts together a gift bag costing no more than $12 dollars. This might contain a deck of cards, bubble gum, chips, plastic bottle, drink with a cap, candy, etc. Lastly, the prayer partner writes short letters of encouragement that can consist of a few sentences of encouragement, guidance, or Bible verses that help the student focus on why they are on the mission trip or at the Glorybound conference.


If you are interested in investing in a student by being a prayer partner, please contact Karl Winkler at


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