god believes in you

I was a part of a Bible study recently that focused on how God believes in us. It seems like we are always discussing our belief in God, but many times we forget how God views us. We see this play out in his relationships with his disciples. There are many instances where the disciples do not believe in themselves, but instead they rely and feed off of Jesus’ belief in them. After all, Jesus left the spreading of the gospel in the hands of fisherman, tax collectors, zealots…etc.


What I am getting at is that we can use this example with our own children. The teen years are highly emotional years where teens are questioning themselves, their worth, their importance to others, their ability to become followers of Christ. There are times in every teen’s life where they doubt themselves. This is here we once again learn from Jesus’ example. Jesus believed in His disciples and He believes in us to spread the love of Christ to others. Jesus also calls us to believe in our teens, even when they do not believe in themselves. It’s important to let them know that they are important, valuable, and can follow Christ.

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