garage sale success means more than you know

It is the time of year where summer trips start ruling my world. This year our college group will be going to Colorado for a mission trip, high school is headed to San Antonio and the middle school group will be serving a community along the Alabama coast. There is an excitement running through me because I know the relationships that will be made and the growth in faith that will happen for each one of Trinity’s youth. God will do amazing things in the hearts of our students during these three weeks.


However, none of this would be possible for many of our students if it was not for the fundraising we do here at Trinity, especially the garage sale. This year the garage sale was a success as youth along with Prime timers earned nearly $5,000 dollars from donated items. Half of this amount will be used for summer mission trips. There are also other benefits like the multi-generational relationships that are made during the sale. It is amazing how much Peter Goodwin can make the Prime timers ladies laugh. This connection between the different generations in our church, working for a common cause, is healthy for both groups. It is amazing the relationships that can be made working for hours pricing items and folding clothes.


In addition, Advent and Lent meals also help contribute to summer trips. This year we earned almost $2,000 from these meals. This again builds relationships and allows for our students to serve.


The one factor that is needed in every fundraiser we do is you. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity in donating items to the garage sale and I hope your hungry bellies were made full with our meals. The student ministry here at Trinity is blessed because of Christ and what He is doing in each of your hearts.


So remember, the next time you have a box of unwanted things in the garage or you decide to attend a Lent meal, think of the potential difference it could make in a life of a student.


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