do's and don'ts for moms and dads

I came across this list on a daily blog by Mark Gregston a few days ago and it’s an excellent list for parents with children of any age. It specifically is addressed to parents with teens, but I got something out of it as a parent of a two year old and if your child is forty, it also speaks truth. Here is the list:


My top Do’s for moms and dads:

  • Trust that God is teaching both you and your kids through good times and bad.
  • Keep the relationship with your teen alive… no matter what you face together.
  • And change your bad habits when things are obviously your fault.


And a few Don’ts …

  • Don’t act out of anger.
  • And don’t ignore the negative stuff … in hopes it’ll go away.
  • And finally… don’t give in when you know you should stand your ground!


First, let take a closer look at the Do’s. As parents it is so important to be reminded from time to time that God is in control. Also, when it is talking about keeping the relationship alive, it isn’t referring to giving in to the demands or appeasing your child. I see it as the need to continue to make time and experiences with your child. This keeps communication lines open. Lastly, be open with your child when you are at fault. There are few things that harden a heart faster than someone unwilling to admit their fault and ask for forgiveness.


Next are the Don’ts. Always try to calm down before making any kind of decision. I can’t tell you how many times I have said something out of anger and wished I could have taken it back. Our words have the power to destroy. Finally, fight your battles wisely. Do not make a battle out of everything, but when it’s important, stand your ground.


Parents, the Lord has blessed you with this role as a parent. There is no one who knows your child better or is more qualified than you to be their life teacher, mentor and parent. Find some time today to reconnect with your child.


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