connecting vs. communicating

My favorite time of year is here. I love the colder weather, football, winter food like chili, and most of all the holidays. It seems like every other week is another celebration. It can be a very busy time of year, but it also is a time of year that allows many opportunities to connect with people, especially your kids.


We are living in a time where there is more communication than any other time period or generation before us. Communication just over the past ten years has exploded with cell phones, e-mail, text messages and internet. Teen children last year sent 6.1 trillion text messages! The scary thing is that with all of this communication, our kids are connecting less. Teen children are desperate for real relationships, community, and a place to belong.


This holiday season let’s help our children with that need to belong. Each week designate an evening where the family can hang out and do an activity without TV or our cell phones. What family traditions can you start in your family around each holiday? It might be going to a pumpkin patch in the Fall, cooking and delivering a meal to a needy family near Thanksgiving, or going to look at Christmas lights in December. Whatever you choose, spend quality, uninterrupted time with your children, look them in the eye, and connect.


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