What boundaries are you making for your teen? I think we all agree that teens need boundaries. However the tough decision is how much rope do you give a child so that they can become independent, but not choke themselves? It’s a question that every parent thinks about, but the answer is always so elusive and filled with trial and error.


Mark Gregston with Parenting Today’s Teens, uses a glass of milk to make since of the dilemma. “A lack of limits has the tendency to produce a child that’s selfish, demanding and aggressively controlling. Here’s an analogy. A glass of milk is a good thing… healthy and drinkable. But take away the limits of the glass… and all you get is spilled milk. All that good stuff is wasted!”


I challenge and encourage you to make boundaries and stick to them. Your teen needs you to be strong and not cave in to their demands. Another helpful thing to do is every so often evaluate your boundaries with your spouse and maybe even your teen. Ask are my boundaries to rigid? Am I keeping them from becoming independent? Are my boundaries fair? Has my teen demonstrated responsibility and earned more freedoms? Has my teen broken boundaries and needs me to be a stronger parent?


No child is alike and every child needs different boundaries at different ages. The good thing is that no one knows your teen better than you. Parenting is trial and error, but there is no one better for your teen than you. Make sure you’re spending time with them and loving them the best you know how.


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