those _ _ _ _ _ _ _ interruptions

 “Those _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Interruptions!”

Before you start trying to fill in the blanks above, consider this extended quote. It’s from the book, Follow Me To Freedom.

“Interruptions are a theme in Scripture.  We have a God who is continually interrupting us - - interrupting our routines, the status quo ….Jesus was at a wedding in Cana when His mother interrupted Him. “They have no more wine,” she said.  He had just stepped ashore in a region called Gerasenes when He was interrupted by the cries of a demon-possessed man. Jesus was on His way to visit a sick child when He felt a touch on the hem of His robe and power go out from Him.

The incredible thing is that Jesus was always available and attentive to the interruptions and surprises.  He was never so fixed on His vision for the Kingdom that He missed the needs of folks right next to Him.”

 We saw that last Sunday with Peter & John, too, didn’t we?  As they were going into the temple to pray, a crippled beggar interrupted them.  And what was the result?  More fantastic than they ever expected!  Peter & John soon had a crowd gathered around them … a mass, of people whom they urged to trust in the recently risen Savior, Jesus!

Could your & my “interruptions” have the same effect?  I don’t know why not.  We worship and follow the same God!  

So what if these so-called “interruptions” are really “divine appointments” with our living Savior?   What if they are heaven-sent times for us to be humble, open, willing and flexible?   What if they are Holy Spirit-anointed opportunities for us to taste & touch, to see & participate in the Kingdom of God, here and now?

Then we would welcome “Those _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Interruptions,” wouldn’t we?  “Those Blessed Interruptions!”