His. Twice!

As a child, did you ever put a model car, boat or plane together from a kit?  How did it turn out, honestly?  Do you remember any smudges of model glue? How about your attempts to dress it up with a paint job?  And did the steering wheel actually go on straight?  Did it even stay on?

 I can’t say that I was very good at making models.  As a result, I wasn’t overly proud of them, either.

So what can be said about the way we have turned out?  Isaiah described us as the work of God’s hand. He said, “The Lord is the potter and we are the clay.”  Does that mean yours is a “model” life?  Sure, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” as the Psalmist wrote.  But that doesn’t mean we are without smudges, stains and sins.  That’s not God’s fault; it’s ours.

Yet the truth remains: We are His.  Twice!   Not only did God make us.  By means of Jesus’ birth and the work of His Holy Spirit, we have received a second birth.  A spiritual birth.  In Jesus, we are our heavenly Father’s new creation!

We are His. Twice! 

Don’t hesitate to call out to God, then.  Call out your cries of repentance.  And then call on the Lord to come down.  Pray for Jesus to come to earth again.  Come and bring the salvation which He won through His life, death and resurrection.

He is coming, you know.  And you are His.  Twice!