Perhaps you’ve heard someone exclaim, “I just had an epiphany!” It means they just had an insightful realization or discovery.

In the church year, we’ve also just entered a season called Epiphany. And we know what the discovery is. It’s Jesus Christ and an ever-growing understanding of who He is.

The season started with “Magi from the East” who came to Jerusalem not exactly knowing what they were looking for. They were redirected to Bethlehem and something greater than they could’ve possibly imagined. Instead of a local ruler, they stumble upon the Lord of all creation. Instead of an unapproachable monarch, they discover a humble and approachable baby.

Even if you’ve been a follower of Jesus for quite some time, every Epiphany season can serve to open your eyes. It will reveal a Savior who is quite unlike what you would expect. Jesus’ teachings are both harder and easier than you’ve thought. His holiness leaves Him absolutely beyond your access. His love brings Him nearer to you than you’d dare imagine.

Being in Christ means you already have everything you need as a child of God…and that there is more discovery than you’ll ever fully grasp in this life. Welcome to the grand adventure of Epiphany.