making disciples to get the church

“If you make disciples you will always get the church.

But if you try to build the church, you will rarely get disciples.”

In the message a weekend ago, I mentioned this phrase a couple of times. It’s a quotation from church leader, pastor, and author, Mike Breen.

It’s worth a bit of explanation.

Nowadays, when people mention “church,” they mean a congregation. It’s the organization, the institution …maybe even a denomination. So, when people say, “The church should do something about that,” they might have pastors, teachers, or elected leaders in mind.

People are able to claim being a concerned member of a church, and yet passive at the same time.

“Disciples” aren’t joined to an organization, but to a person. More specifically, we’re joined with Jesus Christ. Where He is active, His disciples joyfully show up. He’s speaks through His Word and eagerly sit at His feet. He feeds us in His Supper and we joyfully take it in. He is active in people and situations all around us, and we continually look for and join in the ways He is at work.

When pastors, teachers, and leaders make disciples, you always get the beautiful body of Christ. “Church,” in the best sense of the word, happens.

Where is the Holy Spirit prompting you now? Where is Jesus at work? Where is He active and inviting you to show up today?