"you might be a Lutheran if..."

Jeff Foxworthy is a comedian known for his “You might be a redneck if…” jokes.  On Reformation Day, it calls to mind various jokes of “You might be a Lutheran…”

 You might be a Lutheran if…

  • When having a meal prayer, you almost know to chime in if someone starts with, “Come, Lord Jesus…”
  • You know at least 5 people who graduated from a school named, “Concordia.”
  • Ushers have to rope off the back rows so that the front isn’t empty.
  • A midlife crisis means switching from an old hymnal to a new one.
  • When watching Star Wars and you hear, “The Force be with you,” you immediately want to respond, “And also with you!”

Some of you might know a bunch more things you could add to this list.  Others of you, might not even know what some of these things are talking about.

 On this 500th anniversary of the Reformation, let’s think about this for real for a moment.  You might be a Lutheran if…

  • You insist that your beliefs are drawn from God’s Word and not merely tradition or a Christian celebrity.
  • You expect to hear a pastor share the Gospel of Jesus Christ every week in every message.
  • You’re don’t flinch to honestly confessing the full, ugly realities of your sin because you know the forgiveness of Jesus covers it.
  • You take Baptism seriously as your identity in Christ.
  • You know the Lord’s Supper is exactly what Jesus said it is, His Body and Blood given and shed for the forgiveness of sins.
  • You know all of this Good News is offered freely to everyone in the world.

 Happy Reformation Day, everyone!